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May 29, 2018

Group Strategy Session

In a group format, 12 Candidates will confidentially** discuss with Senior Political Advisors their greatest goals and challenges  toward electoral success.

Each Candidate will leave with comprehensive and detailed strategies to overcome their greatest campaign challenges and to exceed their greatest goals.

This is not a candidate training, a cookie-cutter workshop, or a presentation.

Each Candidate will receive strategies unique to his/her personality, experience, campaign, challenges, and goals. Candidates will learn from the shared experiences** of other attending Candidates.

Additional focus areas will include:

  • Psychological analysis of your image, current messaging, slogan, and logo
  • Making you trusted and attractive to voters, donors, and endorsing groups
  • Micro-targeting and targeted messaging
  • Understanding how to connect with specific voter groups and demographics
  • Creating authentic fundraising loyalty & repeat donor relationships
  • Identifying the best personality profiles for your key campaign staff and canvassing volunteers
  • Evaluation of your GOTV strategies
  • Evaluation and solutions for effective time- and stress-management 
Time: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Includes a working lunch.

Location: Annapolis, MD

May 30, 2018

One-hour Candidate/Campaign Consultations 

Candidates and up to four key campaign staff will privately meet with a Senior Political Advisor to address any unique challenges the Candidate or campaign are experiencing.

Each Candidate will receive in-depth insights and solutions. S/He will also receive specific strategies to improve campaign operations, micro-targeting of voters, constituent-specific messaging, and fundraising success.

To provide the highest  feedback and value to the Candidate, accepted applicants will be encouraged to submit all goals, challenges, information, data, logos, materials, or other information prior to the Strategy Session - Intensive. 



May 10, 2018


$950   for   5/29  &  5/30 (both days)


  • Candidate meals and attendance on 5/29  & 
  • up to 5 attendees on 5/30

$675   for   5/29  (one day only)


Our Political Advisors

Our Political Advisors have continually provided winning strategies to Candidates in local and state-wide political campaigns as well as advice to elected officials, governmental agencies, and political systems.

Our unique skill in applying psychology to produce political effectiveness has been relied upon by the American Association of Political Consultants Pollie Awards; numerous media outlets; and a host of Political Science, Psychology, and Public Relations audiences.

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  • Only 12 applicants will be accepted.
  • For applicants in the same race, only the first to register will be accepted.
  • Applicants in the same race as one of our Clients will not be accepted.
  • **Accepted applicants must sign a legally-binding Confidentiality Agreement prior to admission.
  • **To further maintain confidentiality of accepted applicants, all applicants who are not accepted will only be notified with the following message: "Thank you for your application for The Carr Advisory Group's Strategy Session - Intensive. For 2018, all registrations are filled."