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To best serve corporate Clients who may have an occasional question or want immediate advice, input, or suggestion, we are introducing the Q&A Retainer. This option is ideal for CEOs who want the peace of mind from having an Advisor on-hand but do not want extensive services.

The Q&A Retainer will give you on-call strategy and advice via telephone, text, or virtual conversation with your designated Advisor. Your Q&A Retainer will give you (or your designee) 60 minutes that you can use in part or whole, any time that month. 

Note: If you have previously received a password for remittances, click [ENTER] below.

For one month/60 total minutes.

October, November, and December 2018 (one month gratis)


Privacy Policy:

In all ways is your confidentiality of the utmost importance to us. Your information, image, or likeness will never be shared or communicated in any way, at any time, for any reason - without your express and written consent.