CEO solutions is an invitation-only private network for well-educated, successful, and ambitious CEOs with shared interests in success.

Through private member dinners/meetings, monthly solutions calls, and exclusive events, our members are connected for mutually beneficial relationships, confidential advice, solutions, and business expansion opportunities.



Your initial credentials and public profile have already been reviewed.

The additional information requested in your application will provide specific details of your capacity to grow and ability to meaningfully contribute to other members.

To accept the one-time invitation to join CEO solutions, you must:

  1. Complete the on-line application; and

  2. Submit your application fee within 25 days from the date of your invitation.

    • $65 application fee can be applied to membership fee

*Your application and information will always remain confidential.


CEOs have higher demands, stresses, and achievement needs than other positions; the highest requirements for confidentiality; and the lowest availability of competent support.

Our members enjoy:

  • Mutually Beneficial Connections

Make profitable connections and introductions.

  • Challenge-Specific Solutions

Get solutions to current or arising challenges. Industry leaders and advisors facilitate strategy sessions to help you solve a particular problem or achieve a specific goal. Members share unbiased, honest insights on how they overcame similar challenges.

  • Confidential Advice

Meet with members from non-competing industries. Give and receive advice and honest feedback to promote better decision-making, more effective strategies, and viable solutions. Invitations to exclusive member dinner meetings.

  • A Confidential Community

Have a trusted source of like-minded and highly qualified peers who are committed to open-, judgement-free, solutions-focused dialogues to increase the prosperity and impact of each member.


New Member | $150

New members are invited for a three-month experience.

The $65 application fee is applied, if selected for New Member membership.

New Full Member | $250 pro-rated

Based upon contributions to other members and a personal commitment to growth, new members could be invited for full membership.

$250 is prorated for the remaining months of the calendar year.

Full Member | $250 annual

Annual membership fee. Tax deductible.

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DIRECTIONS: 1. Submit your membership application by clicking the "APPLY" button below. 2. When your applications has been received and verified for completeness, you will receive an email with directions for remitting the $65 application fee. * If selected for New Member membership, your $65 application fee will be deducted from your New Member membership fee. 3. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by email (within 7 days after the Membership Committee review.)