Political Psychology + Strategy

We optimize the long-term success and impact of elected officials, political candidates, and political efforts.

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We apply psychological science to help politicians, political candidates, political groups, political campaigns, and governments:

  • Make best-informed decisions regarding legislation and policies -including the perception and response of voters and citizens;
  • Better understand and connect with voters and specific demographic groups;
  • Best identify target voters and supporters for political candidates;
  • Develop most accurate messaging for targeted voters and groups;
  • Increase fundraising success through motivational messaging;
  • Better communicate with the public, voters, and constituency groups;
  • Improve bi-partisan collaboration and outcomes;
  • Best motivate the public to engage in new or better behaviors;
  • Better understand issues, situations, and events - improving public perception, support, and impact;
  • Improve political systems and behavioral processes;
  • Improve problem-solving and identify the most effective strategies;
  • Resolve crises; and
  • Increase electoral success.


We also advise in-transition political and government officials, representatives, leaders, and candidates in navigating their next steps or their next chapter.


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