Corporate Leaders & Owners

We serve as confidential Advisors to Corporate Founders & Owners, Chief Executive Officers, and Chairpersons/Presidents, Board of Directors.

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Strategy & Solutions

Is a crisis, lack of passion, or diminishing success keeping you awake at night?

We can help.

By leveraging psychological science, our expert Advisors will fortify you with advanced strategies and solutions to achieve prosperity and peace of mind.



In a crisis?

For immediate assistance, call 443.770.2967.


As a high-profile leader, it can be hard to know who to trust. Disclosing personal or private business matters could be risky.

Or, you might have few - or no - objective, qualified peers who are familiar with the issues you face and you also feel comfortable confiding in.

Our Founder & Senior Advisor will be your trusted confidant and sounding board - with the expertise and deep knowledge needed for clarity and unbiased advice.

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Media Spokesperson, Messaging, & Communications

Crises and stressful situations inhibit the brain's ability to think clearly, process information, and engage in critical thinking or complex reasoning. External and internal communications are measurably less accurate, emotionally reactive, and incomplete.

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When you need to respond to the media, make sure that your words and non-verbal language benefit - and not hurt - you. Choosing an attorney subconsciously communicates guilt to the public. Choosing the CEO to speak is typically done too soon or too late, and with the wrong information. Public relations techniques traditionally focus on your "image" rather than authentic connection with the media or your audience.

Either of these options can offer a level of success - but not optimal success.

Whether we serve as your spokesperson, messaging Advisor, or writer of your communications, we will leverage our expertise in the psychology of words, emotions, and human thinking to authentically and accurately communicate your optimal message and deeply connect with your audience. We use science and integrity to communicate the best message, at the best time, to the best audience.

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Partner with a confidential Senior Advisor with the insights and expertise to help you navigate your next steps or next chapter.

Each week/month, meet in-person or by phone to gain clarity, objective perspective, and higher-level strategies for your next victory and success.