Issue Management

Avoid a crisis.

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Your company is ...adding new products ...laying off employees ...changing leadership ...under investigation ...merging ...being boycotted ...guilty by association ...changing ...staying the same ...a target. No matter what - you are not going to please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

As a result, every company is at risk for unexpected reactions and backlash from consumers, employees, key stakeholders, and the general public.

Before your company takes action toward change, let us help you avoid a crisis.


Our Advisors will help you anticipate, strategically prepare for, and manage issues that could affect your operations, reputation, and revenue.

By leveraging our psychological expertise in human communications, emotions, and behavior patterns, we will help you successfully implement changes, minimize misperceptions, shift expectations, detect and respond to warning signs, identify risks, and decrease your crisis vulnerability.

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Our recipe for proven success includes:


■ Issue Resolution (at the root cause + affected areas)

■ Strategic Planning

■ High-level Psychological Tools:


the addition of...

Organizational Assessments

Team Assessments

Psychological Counseling

Executive Coaching

Team Building