We serve as Advisors to international, national, and local governments and leaders.

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We help improve understanding, communication, and collaboration between foreign leaders.

We help increase peace and unity in domestic and foreign relations; improving interpersonal relations and trust.

We help resolve global issues as well as country-specific issues that have global impact.

We help resolve international crises; minimizing anger, mistrust, and psychological defenses.


We help individual national leaders obtain objective insight and effective solutions for domestic issues and events.

We advise on solutions and strategies to improve a country's capabilities, systems, and economy.

We provide insight and action steps to significantly improve the welfare of a nation’s citizens.

We help leaders make best-informed, unbiased decisions regarding legislation and funding.

We help resolve national crises.

We serve as trusted confidants.

We increase electoral success.

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State and Local

We increase the impact of elected officials and public initiatives.

We improve the communications and outcomes of governmental agencies.

We reduce inefficiencies in governmental processes and systems.

We increase electoral success.

We resolve crises.

We serve as trusted confidants.