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CRISIS (noun) is defined as a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. A crisis is relative and is determined by a person's thoughts and emotions, and their interpretation of threat or risk for harm.

As experts in clinical psychology, our Advisors are experts in human thinking, behavior patterns, and emotional regulation. We will help your company avert or resolve a public crisis by communicating to the media, consumers, and your stakeholders with 1) language that affirms the public's ability to trust you, feel safe and feel valued by you; and 2) transformed corporate behaviors that will propel your company to its highest level of achievement and societal impact.


Crisis Prevention

If you want to avoid a crisis, we offer the following crisis  prevention services:

  • Crisis Risk Assessment
  • Advertisement(s) Risk Evaluation
  • Corporate Purpose Alignment

Crisis Planning

Not knowing how to properly respond can turn a crisis into a tragedy. Through our crisis planning services, your entire company and key stakeholders will know how to calmly and correctly respond to a crisis.

  • Crisis Combat Training
  • Crisis Media Training
  • Crisis Communications Plan

Crisis Resolution

If you are currently experiencing a corporate crisis or potential crisis, call us now.


We offer the following crisis resolution services:

PHASE 1:  Stop the negative publicity.

  • Crisis Media Messaging
  • Public Statements & Responses
  • Social Media Conversations

PHASE 2:  Resolve the crisis.

  • Crisis Advisory Services

PHASE 3:  Transform your vulnerabilities.

  • Corporate Purpose Alignment (branding, culture, processes, leadership, staffing, purpose aligning)
  • Reputation & Brand Management