Undoubtedly, the bigger your name, the bigger your stress, the bigger your problems. The more success and fame you have, the more attacks you will have. When you are a person of high visibility, your presence is higher than others. This elevated status makes it easier for people to see you, to judge you, to target you.

If your purpose requires you to have high visibility, remember that the attacks are meant to both hurt you and help you.

Hurt you…because the attacks can distract you and discourage you. They can, at times, make it easier to think of giving up.

Help you…because the attacks can be an opportunity to strengthen you in the areas you are weak.

You might be at the top of your game, but it is your weaknesses that will be the cause of your downfall. When an attack affects your focus or emotions, this is a clear clue of a weakness you possess. The attack, then, becomes a highlight of the areas of your personality, your actions, your decisions that could hurt your future success if you do not learn from them.

So, the next time someone slanders your name, betrays you, criticizes you, etc., recognize that attack as a gift - a gift to help prolong and expand your success and influence. If you recognize the attacks as an opportunity, what was meant to hurt you will end up helping you become even greater.