You don’t have to be insecure to benefit from increasing your self-confidence. EVERYONE is less than 100% confident. Being able to increase consistency in your self-confidence will lead to higher outcomes in both your professional and personal life.

Whether you are self-confident, under confident, or want to increase consistency in your confidence, try this proven advice to increase your leadership presence and success.

Power Posture increases your internal confidence. Before a conversation, your next speaking engagement/presentation, or event, practice standing in a posture that makes you feel very powerful (e.g., think of the superman pose). Practice standing with this posture while also practicing your presentation or conversation. This physical activity will increase your mental strength of self-confidence. Then, when giving your presentation, stand with this posture to subconsciously recall your feelings of power and confidence.

Memory Recall can also increase powerful beliefs about yourself. Regularly recall memories of a time(s) when you felt powerful, dominant, or on top of your game. When you channel actual memories of you acting or speaking with confidence, it will replace in-the-moment experiences of feeling less than confident.

Define the word “confidence”. Confidence is defined as the expectation of a positive outcome. If you expect yourself to perform well or you have overall positive expectations of your efforts, you will likely increase your manifestation of confidence. Not sure about a positive outcome? Write down, read, and re-read the positive outcomes that you desire. Do NOT focus on the negative outcomes that you want to avoid. By focusing on desired and positive expected outcomes, you will be more likely to begin to conceive those outcomes as possible – increasing your confidence in both the outcome and in yourself. Subsequently, you will begin to put forth the effort needed to increase the likelihood of those positive outcomes.

Jumping Jacks Before you give a presentation, deposition, etc. go the nearest closed-in, private room or location where you are alone. Take off your shoes and either run in place for 5 minutes – as hard as you can – or do 20 jumping jacks – as fast as you can – to release built-up energy. This physical exertion will help release the extra energy or jitters you may feel and will allow you to speak and sit or stand more calmly.

Eye Contact increases emotional connections and will cause the person you are looking at to sense a connection with you. This perceived connection will increase their probability of trusting you (In contrast, if you avoid eye contact, you project that you are not trustworthy and are insecure or shy). Direct (but not staring) eye contact also conveys not only confidence in yourself but also confidence in what you are saying.

  • Studies show that self-confidence is a stronger predictor of career success than actual talent.
  • The mere appearance of being self-confident will cause others to subconsciously perceive you to be of a higher social status.
  • Just acting like you are confident will lead to increased self-confidence.

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