Each profession attracts specific personality types. Attorneys included. For high-achieving attorneys, there is usually a more specific personality profile. Here is a quick outline of the typical personality profile of high-achieving attorneys.

  • In the general U.S. population, 75% are extroverts. However, 66% of all attorneys are introverts.
  • Using the Meyers-Briggs definitions, the main type for attorneys is INTJ. It is five times more common in attorneys than in the general population.
  • They want information quickly and to the point.
  • They want to improve big picture systems.
  • They are often very skeptical.
  • They prefer to find out the answers themselves; They strongly trust their own instincts.
  • They prefer to come to conclusions by logical, fact-based, objective thinking.
  • They prefer to have everything planned FAR in advance and to have all of their "ducks in a row".
  • They are highly driven to get results.

If you possess most (i.e., 80%) of these traits, consider a career in the legal field. You have a good chance of being successful!


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