Are you confident that you have the personality, image, and strategy that can influence voters to like and vote for you?

Do you have political aspirations but lack connections?

There are many individuals who desire to make a change in their communities, organizations, and in politics. Yet, often unless they are already politically connected, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

Through higher level insights of human thinking, motivation, behavior, and socio-emotional needs combined with proven political strategy, we help our political clients to not only become successful but to also attain personal fulfillment.

In addition to advising elected officials, our advisors help novice political clients to:

  • Become an effective and persuasive communicator
  • Develop the qualities and characteristics of a good politician
  • Learn how to forge agreements/alliances to achieve political goals
  • Develop a strong public persona/image
  • Become a highly successful leader
  • Learn how to get started in politics on the local level
  • Develop a team and build interest in your political ambitions
  • How to authentically correct past negative exposure and publicity
  • How to transcend prior professional or personal affiliations that weaken the public’s perception of you
  • Avoid burn-out and maintain a life balance
  • Learn how to solicit funding for your first campaign

Through confidential advisement, we apply the power of political psychology to optimize our clients’ political success; leveraging the understanding of:

  • How a candidate’s personality, behaviors, and physical appearance impact likability and public perception;
  • Voter behavior and attitudes;
  • The principles of persuasion and influence;
  • The impact of political events on voter psychological processes; and
  • The emotional impact of a candidate’s word choice and political decisions

We combine political strategy to:

  • Develop and direct approaches to increase a candidate’s voter support;
  • Develop and increase public trust of the candidate;
  • Establish authentic and powerful alliances and connections;
  • Select a team of trustworthy, highly competent, professional, and driven individuals;
  • Create and implement effective fundraising campaigns;
  • Attract and maintain interest in the candidate’s political success;
  • Identify the actual needs and interests of constituents; and
  • Select and advise his/her public relations team on (1) projecting a political image that is meaningful, strong, persuasive, alluring, and consistent, (2) developing the talking points that will perform well with voters, and (3) statistically predicting the possible outcomes of a candidate’s political decisions.

If you have the desire to make a high-impact change at the local or national level, but are not sure how to begin, we would be honored to optimize your potential for success. 


Established & In-Office Politicians. In addition to the aforementioned information and advice, we counsel both elected and novice political clients on the impact of group psychological dynamics and the impact on the individual politician’s career.

The behavior of a group is more powerful than the impact of a single politician. As such, our advisors provide counsel and group training on how specific internal and external forces will influence the decisions, alliances, and actions of the politician and his/her team and thereby – positively or negatively – affect the individual politician’s public perception, the reaction of constituents, and the general public’s voting response.

DISCLAIMER: Election results cannot be guaranteed.


The Carr Advisor Group provides premium, confidential, psychology-based advisory services to clients with public or high visibility profiles; or high-level professional positions. 

We help our clients elevate their public or professional persona, achieve higher and continued success, resolve personal matters, and address other concerns or challenges through both proactive and reactive counsel.