Are you interested in politics but not sure how to start?

Considering running for office but not sure you can win?

Since the official launch of the Carr Advisory Group, we have had phenomenal success with our political clients as well as signature corporate training.

In the beginning, it took a lot of convincing for some of our potential political clients to understand the power of psychology and how it affects voter behavior. Everyone understood in theory but doubted it would really work. Understandably, they did not want to chance their campaign success on "quirky psychology" (as one person put it).

We showed stats, graphs, and case studies of other successful clients. We even showed how our strategies have easily increased the income of our high-profile corporate clients. To some, it did not even matter that we have celebrity clients.

...This is what we expected.

We understood, from a psychological perspective, their fears. No one wanted to be embarrassed. No one wanted the pain of losing. The politicians wanted to use standard political tactics because that was what they were comfortable with, and even had prior success with. They KNEW those things...had been taught those methods and were more secure following the methods of someone else.

BUT the difference between our approach - and what makes us highly successful - is the application of psychology, personality, and purpose to multiply client success. We were able to show the potential clients that their life purpose in politics was bigger than their fears. That their unique purpose required a unique approach to success. We showed that the science of human behavior is stronger than the predictions of media correspondents; that human emotion and belief processes will ALWAYS be MORE predictable of voter behavior than trends, current events, or political-economic climates.

Our on-the-fence clients eventually saw that our interests in helping them were part of OUR purpose - and that we truly wanted their success for THEM and did not have ulterior motives. They were also able to confidentially acknowledge their fears and insecurities.

Finally, they took a chance - not just on us as their advisors, but took a chance on believing fully in their dreams and their secret wishes to be in positions they doubted they could win.

AND THEY WON! Obviously, for client confidentiality, we can not list the states or cities they won in. BUT we have been permitted to say that the majority of our clients were not well known, did not have a lot of money, or were well known but previously displaced from office.

The lesson not let fears, lack of connections, or lack of resources stop you from believing in your purpose - even if it seems illogical or "quirky". Regardless of how high your aspirations, believe in yourself and your dreams more than you believe in your fears.


Interested in politics?

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