If you have achieved what others regard as success - but no longer brings you pleasure, this is a sign that you are only being satisfied.

As an achiever, you experience a form of pleasure just from the act of achieving. Happiness studies consistently show that pursuit of a goal produces higher levels of happiness than the actual attainment. Thus, just pursuing a goal can decrease depression and increase pleasure and esteem in the average person.

But what if you're a C-Suite executive or celebrity? And your success is not average?

To experience pleasure (or more pleasure), you have to accept that:

1. You are no longer meant to stay where you are. 

2. You need more.

3. You either need to change how you do things or with whom you do them.

4. Your true purpose has not been realized.

5. Your goals (and motivations) must change.

Pleasure can sometimes occur by happenstance... You just happened to know someone. You had a brilliant idea. Your team is awesome. You are naturally talented. You were in the right place at the right time.

However, lasting pleasure comes from knowing who you are and your innermost desires. You need to know your strengths - what can help you achieve your unspoken dreams, and your weaknesses - what will distract or deter you. You need to know your purpose and understand how not fulfilling it will leave you with a life and career of satisfaction - but not pleasure.

If you want the pleasure you subconsciously (or consciously) desire:

1. Think about what you really  want and don't want (or don't want any more).

2. Be honest and recognize what will limit you, discourage you, scare you from pursuing YOUR more.

3. Take (or receive) an honest assessment of both your exhibited and unconscious strengths and weaknesses.

4. Develop a clear, unbiased strategy for pursuing your greatest professional pleasure.

5. Be courageous enough to leave, start over, be bold, or be vulnerable.

When you pursue AND attain a career that brings pleasure - not just satisfaction - you will be wonder why it took you so long to do it.

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