Do you like mustard? I don't. BUT there are many people who do. Some even LOVE the spicy, creamy, sometimes tangy taste.

But can mustard be anyone's purpose??


Purpose is not always something that saves the world or cures a devastating disease. Purpose is often something that enhances lives. 

Think about what you enjoy after a hard day of working.... Or, something you just enjoy doing, drinking, or having in your life. Think about an item of clothing, a certain smell of cologne, or an accessory that boosts your confidence or makes you smile.

Better yet, think about something that makes something else even better? Like a melon-baller to make beautiful fruit salads, a tie rack to keep your designer ties neat, louboutins (well...just because), or ... gourmet mustard on your freshly sliced deli sandwich.

NOW think about how bland or "just ok" your life would be without these items. For you, it is an enjoyment. But, for the person/organization that produces these life enhancers, it may be their purpose. I can guarantee that the company or person that delivers your best experience or product is from someone who enjoys what they do and their activities are linked to their purpose.

Your life will always be better when you receive services/products from someone that is purpose-driven. It will be your positive experiences that lead you to make a repeat purchase. Or become a loyal client. This is how purpose leads to profit. Rarely does a person or business obtain wealth when they lack passion or a sense of purpose.

Similarly, a purpose-less executive or leader will be unable to advance much further in his/her career when their is a lack of personal value attached to their position.

To add the benefits of purpose to your own life or that of your company, (1) Think about WHY you are doing what you are doing. If it's just to make money, you will surely not achieve lasting wealth or fulfillment.You will also soon be replaced by the person who does what you do - but with a sense of purpose. (2) Make decisions that are motivated by your passions or strong interests. Passions link to your purpose and profits. Boredom and satisfaction lead to sub par performance, downsizing, and career failures. (3) Discover your purpose and recognize this discovery as a key to your success and fulfillment. (4) Don't be afraid to follow your purpose (even if its just baby steps at first) and to make your purpose the "why" of what you do.