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We win elections. We resolve crises.

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Science of Psychology + Power of Purpose

Through a combination of the science of psychology + the power of purpose, our expertise in human behavior, thinking, emotions, and group dynamics gives our clients unparalleled success.

Our strategies produce greater outcomes and greater impact, for the long-term.

We win elections. We resolve crises.


  • We help politicians win elected offices.
  • We help corporations prevent or recover from a crisis.
  • We help executive teams remove underlying barriers to higher outcomes.
  • We help companies identify and resolve hidden weaknesses.
  • We help athletes and entertainers improve performance.
  • We provide confidential  counsel on personal matters.
  • We authentically correct poor branding or the impact of unfavorably publicized events.


The Carr Advisory Group advises high-profile politicians, executives, and corporations that want to have a greater impact and fulfill their greatest potential.

Typically, our clients are in high visibility or high ranking positions and they desire to achieve more. 

We serve our clients with the highest of confidentiality.

We are honored to have client and partner referrals as the majority of our clientele.